Myndar specializes in the development of IoT solutions. It offers luxury brands with innovative tools for their retail and distribution environment, that could bring them greater profitability, higher security and inspiring business insights.

Myndar is recognized as a pioneering enterprise in RFID technology, which encourages and fosters the development of IoT devices and environment.

Myndar smart Jewelry solutions have been carefully researched and developed, they include a comprehensive range of IoT devices that are now applied across multiple major jewelry retail operators and well-known brands worldwide.


The cloud-based holistic platform

MyndSCAPE is a secured cloud-based network that enables ongoing real-time data tracking and analysis of the full logistics and retail operation. It seamlessly connects each IoT component to real world products, places, people and events.

Viewed holistically, MyndSCAPE is an advanced and effective system for to build brand intelligence and secure logistics.

MyndSCAPE is designed to deepen understanding and raise efficiency across every facet of a business.


How big data becomes business intelligence

Today a retailer can obtain comprehensive customer data from a variety of in-house and external sources. Properly interpreted, such data provides insightful predictions highlighting customers that are likely to make a purchase, their estimated amount of spending, their most desired products, timing of purchases, and much more.

MyndQUEST applies algorithms and artificial intelligence to interpret and analyze customer, product and  market data. MyndQUEST’s analysis drives real action.(Ending with mPad  took out)